Thank You!

[tek_photobox phb_title=”THANK YOU!” phb_description=”Thank you for your generous donation of $5000. With this we are able to fund our new creative, performing and visual arts program.” phb_text_align=”text-center” phb_image=”6668″ phb_custom_link=”#” phb_image_effect=”flash-effect”]

That’s a lot of cookies!

[tek_photobox phb_description=”Thank you to Tim Hortons Meaford and all our supporters. ” phb_text_align=”text-center” phb_image=”6675″ phb_custom_link=”#” phb_image_effect=”flash-effect”]
[tek_photobox phb_title=”THANK YOU!” phb_description=”We are blown away with the outpouring of community support for EFL on Giving Tuesday. Your donations mean the world to us. ” phb_text_align=”text-center” phb_image=”6673″ phb_custom_link=”#” phb_image_effect=”no-effect”]

Thank you to all of our supporters of our art exhibit at the L. E. Shore Memorial Library.  We raised almost $3000!

Such a successful art exhibit!