Thank You!


Thank you MCF!

A big THANK YOU  goes out to the Meaford Culture Foundation!

A cheque for $1500 was presented today.  The participants enjoyed a matinee performance “Rockin all Night” one of their first outings post covid.


Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Smile Cookie Campaign.

We exceed our goal, over 10 thousand cookies sold.

That’s a lot of cookies!

Bike Canada Event for Life


Do you have an “event for life”? A trip that was planned for spring 2020 is now coming to life!! They are set, ready and loaded to experience their Event for Life!!! Melanie Johns has been a volunteer and Board member at Events for Life since it all started in 2013. Her friend (Nicki) and her husband (Tim) are finally setting out on their bikes to ride across Canada! They fly out west mid-May and will start their journey from Mile Zero in Victoria. While they ride, they will be asking people “what is your event for life?” They will be telling people about the Events for Life program in Thornbury and bringing awareness to the need for programs for individuals with special needs. Along their journey across Canada they will be raising money for Events for Life. Their goal is to raise at least $1 for every kilometer that they pedal. That is approximately 8000 km. Melanie, Nicki and Tim will be back in Ontario in July for a rest and then hitting the road to finish their trip along the East Coast. The play to finish in August.

You can follow them on instagram, facebook or strava @ Bike Canada Event 4 Life. To help Melanie, Nicki and Time reach their goal of $8,000 please follow this link to donate.



Bike Canada Event for Life ***Update***

Our latest stats!

55 days of cycling from Victoria

5804 km

27 862 metres of climbing

$8665 raised to date

3 special needs facilities visited

2 turtles saved

19 people from Meaford that we visited along the way

842 bug bites

21 people on bikes travelling across Canada

42 cinnamon buns eaten

And millions of messages of support from all of you!

We will be leaving from Meaford Harbour August 11th at 8AM.  We will return in September.

You can follow us on instagram, facebook or strava @ Bike Canada Event 4 Life. To help Melanie, Nicki and Tim, please follow this link to donate.